22 years ago today, the first photo was uploaded to the web – and it was of an all-girl science rock band from CERN, signing about colliders, quarks, and antimatter.
Oh, and they were actually really, really good.


22 years ago today, the first photo was uploaded to the web – and it was of an all-girl science rock band from CERN, signing about colliders, quarks, and antimatter.

Oh, and they were actually really, really good.

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Anonymous said: aaahhh i feel like a big idiot can you please explain why macklemore's same love is bad?? all my friends say its rly good for lgbt and i dont want to be ignorant about it anymore

Hey, I’m in a bit of a rush right now so I hope you don’t mind if I just link you to some posts I made about it a while back: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]. Sorry some of them are a bit rude, they were made in a response to some not very nice people.

Anonymous said: just wanna say i love your blog, i do feel sad when songs are taken down but its your blog and i respect your decision there are other blogs one can go to which focus on the songs if thats what they like, no ones forcing them to come here! a lot of times i think of submitting a song but you've already posted it haha and whenever im bored or sad i come to this blog and listen to all the awesome female positive music, my fave kind. love you xx

This message made me so happy, thank you lovely Anon!

Anonymous said: Sorry I'm just wondering would it be cultural appropriation to wear like a kimono type cardigan thing? (I can't remember the exact name rn sorry)

Folks at the thisisnotjapan are saying yes. [x]

Anonymous said: I followed for the songs, but honestly I stay for the discussions. Thanks for showing everyone what good feminists should stand for.

Messages like this mean so much to me. Thank you, Anon.

Anonymous said: It's sad gay black artists like Frank Ocean and Syd the Kid gets looked over but Macklemore is getting praised for insulting hip hop for being homophobic. there's so many gay rappers out there that are actually talented that deserve the attention

… or Le1f or Angel Haze or Azelia Banks or any other of the countless LGBTQIA black rappers who are so much better than Macklemore.

I don’t know if you were already around when we posted Angel’s cover of Same Love and got a ton of shit from white cishet folks for calling the original a no homo song. People were literally trying to shut down Angel’s song and my (queer person’s) commentary in the name of Macklemore and LGBT rights.  Everything about his fame is such a ridiculous display of power balances in our society.

Anonymous said: yougn curvy/fat girls to hear because they rarely hear/see it in media! theyre constantly told how unsexy/unattractive they are and being one of them i do think we have to acknowledge its nice to hear this for a change. thats all im saying tho i get why its problematic

Yes, I understand where you’re coming from. We’re good then. :)

Anonymous said: It seems like the songs you take down or refuse to publish are only empowering to white, able bodied, cishet women, and theyve forced themselves as the face of feminism. Thanks for considering those that are often forgotten by mainstream feminism.

I’m trying my best, Anon. A big thank you to all of you who message me and help me out.

Anonymous said: Hair that could easily be mistaken for locs are associated with europeon cultures but they are not the exact same thing as dreadlocks. If white people really cared that much about their culture they'd know the proper names and differences from dreads

Also defending white locks ignores the social stigma black people go threw b/c of their hair that white people have no idea about. Yts get praised for their free spirited hair, black people get called dirty, drug dealers, and thugs.

Yes. Thank you for this.

Anonymous said: to the anon who said slut cannot be reclaimed, i agree that some woc are uncomfortable reclaiming the word because of the associated racist stereotypes, but I'm a woc whose cultural stereotype is being virginal and pure and in my country even wearing shorts or sleeveless tops makes you a "slut", forget bikinis or premarital sex or even thinking of masturbation, slut is a slur aimed at any women who are comfy in their sexuality and we are called that so much that we have every right to reclaim it

Hello friend, thanks for your input. :)

Anonymous said: White privilege by macklemore sucks because he acknowledges and admits he knows what it is and that hes stealing and appropriating rap but he doesnt stop anyway lol

Anonymous said: If Macklemore really gave a shit about his white privilege and not just paying lip service, he'd retire and quite appropriating but he won't because he doesn't care just quite enough.

Yeah, that’s a good point. I also think he might have forgotten about his privilege while criticizing hip hip for its alleged homophobia in Same Love. Thanks for this message, Anon, I should have known better.

Anonymous said: i don't think you'll publish this song, but just puttin it out there...white privilege by macklemore. macklemore is problematic but this is a good song and he acknowledges that privileges come with being white which other white hip hop artists don't and it's imp to do so :)

You’re right, I won’t publish it because Macklemore is problematic but this song is surprisingly decent?? So yeah, thanks for your message. :)

I am going on a vacation so I won’t be around for the next week but I have downloaded some of Lana Del Rey’s and Taylor Swift’s albums so I can finally listen to them while I’m sitting on the beach with no wifi and give the people who have asked me when I think about them proper answers. If you want me to check out anyone else now would be the time to let me know! :)

margaerypierell replied to your post “Ur beautiful af”

…Maybe they meant in the inner-beauty way?

Yes, maybe! :)

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