Anonymous said: Wait why is Taylor swifts new video racist? I didn't think so. And I accept the fact that I might be wrong but I think she honestly didn't know it was racist and she didn't mean to make it racist but how is it racist?

Please see the other ask about this I have just answered. [x]

Anonymous said: i don't really understand what taylor did wrong in her new video. she has poc in all of the different dance sequences, and she also has white people in all of the different dance sequences. If she didn't have black girls, it would be racist, but since she does she's "objectifying" them. Honestly, what did she do wrong/ how should she approach that situation?

Yes, if she didn’t have any PoC in the video it would be racist but it’s also racist now. The problem isn’t just the presence/asence of PoC but they way they are portrayed. Let me see if I can break this down.

- The racial make up of the groups is extremely unequal. There are no white ballerinas and there are maybe one or two dances of color in the rest of the groups - except for the twerking girls where the situation is the exact opposite. They are also they only group who is clearly racially coded (with the choice of outfits and accessories) and they are treated way differently from the rest of the groups:

- Firstly, they are objectified by Taylor. With the rest of the groups she is (in her own way) dancing with them all the time but here she crawls between the twerking girls’ legs, stares up their crotches and then laughs.


- They are additionally objectified by the way the video is shot. Most of the time you can’t even see their faces because they are shot from behind (while Taylor is facing the camera) and then there are the horrendous butt close ups (for which I couldn’t find gifs, the rest are by boxgifs). No other group is portrayed in this way.


- The whole thing is even worse because it’s a part of a bigger trend of using black women as props, accessories and as means for white artists to create a cooler/edgier/more grown up public image (while black women are stigmatized for that very same fashion/dance that belongs to their culture in the first place) which is not only objectification but also cultural appropriation.

- And Taylor is doing exactly that in Shake It Off: she is trying on different styles, including this racially coded one and I think we can all agree it’s a big step away from her previous public image and the one that stands out the most in the whole video. It generally seems she’s in the middle of changes and she conveniently used black culture to experiment with a new image and to look different and more edgy for a bit while simultaneously distancing herself from it.

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Vicky Beeching Is Gay, Hopes to Inspire Young LGBT Christians


Vicky Beeching Is Gay, Hopes to Inspire Young LGBT Christians

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Vicky Beeching, a British Christian rock singer, theologian and commentator, came out as a lesbian in an interview published in The Independent. In the article, Beeching talks about her experience managing her attraction to women while establishing herself in the contemporary Christian rock scene.

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If you, like me, don’t know anything about…

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Title: As Cool As I Am
Artist: Dar Williams

Dar Williams - As Cool As I Am

"You tried to make me doubt, to make me guess
Tried to make me feel like a little less […]
And so I’m leaving, you can find out how much better things can get […]
And then I go outside to join the others; I am the others
Oh, and that’s not easy
I don’t know what you saw; I want somebody who sees me
I will not be afraid of women
I will not be afraid of women”

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Title: Hey Girl
Artist: Tacocat

Tacocat - Hey Girl

"Hey man I like your style, tell a girl that she should smile
Oh my what great advice, can’t imagine why you’re so nice
Oh it helps my self esteem (hey girl), ‘cause you finally noticed me (hey girl)
Who do you think you are, yellin’ at me from your car”

Anonymous said: How is Problem a feminist song? It just seems like it's more of a "I want my horrible boyfriend back" song. The man says "I SHOULD realize I have one less problem without you" but she doesn't even actually say it. She says she hates him but still wants to be with him. That doesn't seem very feminist at all, especially if you're not putting actual positive songs like All About that Bass on here and you're putting crap like Problem on here.

Yeah, that’s a valid point and Problem might not be the most feminist song we ever had on the blog but I always read it as a struggle between her emotions (which are still in favor of the guy) and her mind which knows she’s better off without him and I think that’s already acknowledging the fact he was bad for her and she needs to stop letting her emotions trick her into thinking otherwise.

And I did post All About That Bass even though it was a reblog of a post with commentary about its problematic aspects (one of which is, funnily enough, basing women’s worth on the male approval).

Anonymous said: Thank you for clearing that up, I actually never realized g*psy was a slur. Thanks for enlightening me!

You’re welcome. :)

Afro-Soul feat. Erin Washington and Mfoniso Udofia - Little Black Girl

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Anonymous said: I'm a little confused, and it's okay if you don't want to answer, but what is the g slur?

I think the Anon was referring to the word “g*psy”, a slur for the Romani people.


I. love. the. Anaconda. video. but the writeups I’ve been seeing keep referring to Drake as a co-star, which I think misses a big part of the point.

The reason this video rules is because Drake is an extra. Drake is a prop. Drake is a bro in the comfy-casual clothes that he rolled up to the set in, who has no lines or purpose other than the be ground upon, and whose face is obscured by shadows most of the time.

This is not a continuation of the Drake/Nicki/Rih media narrative. This is a dank-as-fuck feminist power play. This is, “Drake is whatever to me.” And this is a man who, if he isn’t at the top of his game, is close to it. A huge celebrity. And here is Nicki looking fucking amazing, tormenting him into a boner, then swatting his hand away and walking out of frame.

Your anaconda don’t want none unless she got buns, hun? Maybe she doesn’t want your anaconda. Maybe she’ll do whatever the fuck she wants with her buns, and it doesn’t matter what you think or feel.

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Anonymous said: tbh i'm kinda disappointed that u put janelle monae as ur icon bc she's used ableist slurs in her songs multiple times ("shaking like a sch*zo" is an example) and her video for tightrope is ableist as well plus she uses the word schizophrenia to to describe things w/ changing behaviours (if you google janelle monae ableism you'll see what i mean) and i want to like her music i really do, but i've struggled with psychosis for a while and she's done some pretty effed up stuff soooo :/

Ahhh, this is really disappointing! On one hand I feel like we are going to have a really hard time finding an artist who has never engaged in any kind of ableism (just because ableist slusrs are so pervasive) but on the other I’m not going to excuse something just because it’s common and the things you mention are really really not okay.

So … How does everyone feel about Laura Jane Grace, I think we could have a punk trans woman as the icon? Do you have any suggestions?

Anonymous said: i have a question that i was hoping you/your followers could help me out with. i recently bought an album only to discover one song on it uses the g slur, both in the title and in the lyrics. i know there's a lot of misunderstanding around that word, and i'm sure the artist didn't mean any harm, but i don't want to just ignore the use of a racial slur, and am unsure how to treat the song/artist going forward. any advice? (p.s. i love this blog!)

Hello, it’s really great you’re aware of this stuff! I think maybe the best thing you can do is to try and raise awareness of the fact that using that slur is not okay - maybe you can make a Tumblr post about it, or try to bring the issue to the artist’s attention on Twitter or something like that? I guess it’s up to you whether you want to continue to support the artist financially but you probably don’t have to stop listening to them as long as you’re not trying to gloss over their use of the slur. Who knows, maybe they will realize their mistake and apologize! However, if they dismiss the criticism then it’s again up to you to decide what kind of people you want to support.

Anonymous said: I disagree with using Taylor Swift in these playlists. There is quite a lot of slut shaming in her songs.

We never had any of her songs on this blog?

It happens whenever Beyonce performs or Rihanna steps outside. Its happened when Betty Davis wore hotpants and Left Eye wore condoms as eye patches. Whenever black women own their sense of sexuality and it appears to not be controlled by the hetero-male gaze, the whole world gets into a tizzy. -

Mychal Denzel Smith, 

Nicki Minaj’s butt and the politics of black women’s sexuality

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